Trading Ascension Trading Psychology Luminary Award

We great pride and service to the industry we introduce the Trading Ascension Trading Psychology Luminary Award.

What is The Trading Ascension Trading Psychology Luminary Award?

This award is presented monthly to an exceptional individual who has demonstrated via speech or video an outstanding insight and presentation skills in the arena of trading psychology. 

Winners are recognized for their ability to clearly articulate how psychological principles impact retail traders. Quarterly winners are selected from the monthly recipients, with a grand yearly winner chosen from the quarterly finalists. Weekly articles are written for each submission.

    Nature of Recognition:

    • Certificate: A professional certificate PDF that can be framed, detailing the award and the recipient’s contribution.
    • Feature on Trading Ascension Platforms: A dedicated feature on the Trading Ascension website, blog, and social media channels highlighting the recipient’s work and achievements.
    • Secret Prize for year winner

    What to look out for

    Keep watch for weekly article post detailing the nominees. No matter how far these professionals get in this competition they all have valuable lessons for us to learn from. First write-up Friday Jun 3rd

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