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The Denver Trading and Investing Club is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for financial markets and personal growth. Our meetups provide a platform for traders and investors to connect, exchange ideas, and learn from one another's experiences. We believe that fostering a supportive environment is crucial for navigating the challenges and embracing the opportunities that come with trading and investing.

Our Podcast

he Trading Ascension Podcast is a comprehensive resource for those seeking to master the art of profitable day trading while embarking on a transformative personal and spiritual journey. Through insightful interviews with industry experts and seasoned traders, we delve into the intricate world of trading psychology, uncovering strategies and techniques that enable traders to cultivate a mindset conducive to success. Our podcast serves as a beacon, guiding listeners towards a holistic approach to trading that harmonizes financial acumen with personal growth

Our Success System

At the core of our teachings lies a meticulously crafted Success System, designed to equip traders with the foundational tools necessary for sustainable profitability. This comprehensive framework encompasses a cycle plan that tracks key performance indicators, collects data, and implements growth tactics tailored to each individual's unique trading journey. By fostering a deep understanding of trading psychology and emotional intelligence, our Success System empowers traders to make informed decisions, even in the face of market volatility and emotional turmoil.


Trading Ascension isn’t just a business – it’s the culmination of a deeply personal and sometimes painful journey. Like many of my listeners, I once stood at the crossroads of ambition and frustration, passionate about day trading yet grappling with three formidable hurdles that caused most traders to call it quits.

What my dad said rescued me from the jaws of defeat and it will help you too.

I was so excited when I started, then instantly I failed miserably over and over. I know the feeling of running into walls that won’t move, of seeing potential profits evaporate, and of navigating the complex labyrinth of emotions that the market evokes. It wasn’t just about charts and strategies; it was a battle of mindset, discipline, and finding a way to reclaim control of my trading journey which really was a micro reflection of my life. 

Everything Changed when I saw that first $150,000 in my trading account!

My life has been marked by failures; there were times I felt destined to grapple with constant struggles. Amidst this, a childhood memory of my father’s wisdom became my guiding light. He shared, “It’s okay to make mistakes, just don’t repeat them.” This philosophy resurfaced when life’s challenges loomed large, reshaping my mindset and transforming setbacks into stepping stones.

What is your experience level?

On my trading  journey, I confronted the emotional rollercoaster, battled doubts, and endured significant setbacks. I faced mindset traps head-on, grappled with the impulse to chase quick profits, and struggled to maintain focus amid market and mental chaos. Yet, through unwavering persistence, continuous learning, and adaptive strategies, I achieved a breakthrough. Those very hardships that once seemed insurmountable evolved into my most profound teachers. 

Applying my father’s perspective to my trading journey was transformative. In that moment, my commitment to personal development, which had always been a crucial tool for navigating failure, led me to dive into the study of successful traders. I launched a podcast to share their insights and forged a connection with Paula T. Webb, co-founder of trading psychology. Integrating my experiences both in and outside trading, I discovered the power of aligning emotions with strategies and actions. I transformed losses into lessons, fostering the resilience that distinguishes the triumphant. The Trading Ascension Trader Success Generator System was birthed.
With my Trading Success Generator System, I empower ordinary individuals to become adept day traders. My conviction stems from my own journey, evident when I accomplished my first trading evaluation — joining the 7% of traders who achieved this milestone. I’ve received well over a half of a million in funding at this point. I’m still a small fish but I reached my personal goals and so can you.  Recognizing the potential to guide others along a documented path of personal and spiritual growth within day trading, I’m committed to making a difference.
Together with my Trading Success Generator System, community and podcast, I help individuals realize their potential as skilled day traders. Your success is attainable, and I am here to assist. Whether you join our Meetups, engage in our Mastermind groups, or listen to the podcast, you’ll find a man who’s been humbled by life, who refused to succumb to adversity, and who strives to help us all fulfill our purpose. 


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