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You've been trapped by an invisible psychological ceiling, limiting your ability to reach consistent profitability. Mental roadblocks like self-doubt, impulsivity, and fear have obstructed your path, leaving you stuck or lost in the wilderness of the markets.

Introducing the Success Generator System - giving you a comprehensive program designed to demolish the psychological barriers holding you back and propel you towards trading mastery.

This system provides a simple yet robust framework encompassing three essential elements:

  1. Meticulously crafting a Trading Plan to serve as the blueprint for your strategy, capital management, and trade execution following elevated martlet context understanding.
  2. Growth-driven Data Analysis to equip you with an analytical edge, spotting opportunities and navigating market dynamics with surgical precision.
  3. Transformative Mindset Training to rewire your trader's brain for overcoming hurdles, instilling the unshakable mental fortitude and discipline of a consistent winner. 

Through this holistic approach, the Success Generator System illuminates your blind spots, obliterates limiting beliefs, and elevates you to new heights of psychological mastery over the markets.

- this is your vehicle for shattering the psychological ceiling and unlocking your full trading potential. This level of business planning and structure is hidden to most retail traders. 

You can have all the technical analysis and trading strategies in the world, but without an ironclad psychological foundation, consistent profits will remain an elusive mirage. This first pillar obliterates the biggest saboteur to your trading success - ambiguity. Through forensic self-discovery exercises, you'll gain crystal clarity on your overarching goals, deepest motivations, and the self-image required to embody a consistently profitable trader.

This isn't just about making money - it's about reprogramming your identity as a master of the markets. With a meticulously crafted trading plan integrated into your weekly routine, you'll operate with the professionalism and discipline of a world-class athlete. No more second-guessing or self-sabotage - your plan becomes your psychological anchor, eliminating ambiguity and propelling you towards execution mastery.

You can't have the perfect psychological foundation, without the ability to surgically analyze your related  market data, you'll be firing blindly into the abyss. This second pillar provides you with the analytical x-ray vision to cut through noise and pinpoint only the highest-conviction trading setups.

Through our proprietary multi-lens data scrutiny process, you'll develop a hyper-attuned sensitivity to market dynamics and rhythm. Opportunities that once escaped your radar will light up like blazing beacons, as you cultivate an instinctive feel for when to pounce with precision. No more spinning your wheels or wasting energy on fruitless endeavors. You'll gain the clarity to identify your unique daily improvement needs and focus solely on the high-impact activities that actually move the profitability needle. With this analytical arsenal, getting stuck or lost in the weeds becomes a relic of the past. You'll operate with the strategic vision of a grandmaster, always several moves ahead of the game.

Even with a bulletproof plan and an analytical edge, one final bridge remains to consistent execution - the ability to embody a mindset of unshakable discipline and mastery in real-time. This third pillar fuses cutting-edge psycho-cybernetics techniques with the principles of deliberate practice, creating a potent behavioral upgrade system most retail traders never have access to. Through precisely calibrated neural retraining protocols, you'll systematically identify and obliterate the deep-rooted patterns and blind spots that have sabotaged your execution in the past. This isn't intellectual fluff - it's an embedded, instinctive rewrite of your trading DNA. As you embody the calm poise and razor-sharp focus of an elite operator, fear-based tendencies like impulsivity, hesitation, and self-doubt get overwritten. You'll cultivate the ability to pull the trigger on your highest-conviction setups without the slightest hint of internal resistance. With this neurological upgrade, the mistakes and stumbles of previous days become distant memories. You'll develop the preternatural instincts to course-correct in real-time, continually sharpening your execution toward relentless mastery.

About Trading Ascension

The Denver Trading & Investing Club: Your Tribe of Profit-Driven Alchemists

Without a tribe walking the path alongside you, the journey towards trading mastery will be a lonely, uphill battle. This isn't just another meetup group - it's an alchemical crucible where financial warriors gather to forge their mindsets through shared wisdom and accountability. An unbreakable brotherhood and sisterhood on a mission to obliterate limiting beliefs and psychological shackles. Each meetup is a revelatory download from the trenches, witnessing transformational stories of traders conquering fears and self-doubts. Their battle-tested strategies for slaying impulsivity, hesitation, and overthinking will be etched into your psyche. But it's about more than profits - it's elevating your entire state of being. You'll integrate profound wisdom, obliterating self-imposed ceilings across all life dimensions. No more drifting aimlessly. This is your invitation to an elite inner-circle operating from an enlightened consciousness. Show up, get initiated, and ascend towards abundance and personal mastery.

The Trading Ascension Podcast: Your Roadmap to Day Trading Self Mastery

You seek all the newest technical indicators and homerun trade setups under the sun, you'll come to find without the ability to embody the mindset of a master, consistent profits will remain an elusive mirage. This isn't just about making money - it's about ascending to a higher plane of personal mastery. The Trading Ascension Podcast is your initiation into the sacred realm of the world's most elite traders. Through unfiltered dialogues with industry titans who have conquered the psychological battlegrounds, you'll go far beyond mere theory and tactics. Each episode is a revelatory download, decoding the neurological software of consistent winners. You'll uncover the deep-rooted beliefs, driving philosophies, and alchemical mindset viruses that separate those operating at a transcendent level from the mediocre masses. But this isn't just about trading - it's about awakening to your highest level of self-actualization as a human being. You'll integrate profound spiritual and philosophical wisdom, obliterating the limiting beliefs that have capped your potential across all dimensions of life. No more drifting aimlessly or accepting mediocrity. This is your clarion call to an elevated existence, harmonizing financial abundance with personal metamorphosis. Immerse yourself, and prepare to shatter all self-imposed ceilings confining your greatness.

The Trading Ascension Blog: Neurological Reprogramming for Consistent Profits

Without upgrading the neural software running between your ears, consistent profits will remain an elusive mirage. This isn't just another trading blog regurgitating the same stale strategies - it's a repository of psychological rewiring protocols from the trenches. Each article is a revelatory download, decoding the neurological viruses sabotaging your execution. You'll uncover the deep-rooted belief systems, fear-encoded patterns, and limiting decision matrices separating consistent winners from traders trapped in the cycle of mediocrity. This is the stuff they don't teach you in any course or book. But it goes far beyond just making money. You'll integrate profound philosophical wisdom to obliterate the artificial ceilings you've imposed upon yourself across all dimensions of life. This is an initiation into an enlightened plane of existence. No more drifting aimlessly or accepting mediocrity. The Trading Ascension Blog is your clarion call to an elevated state of being - harmonizing financial abundance with personal metamorphosis. Immerse yourself, and prepare to shatter the psychological shackles confining your greatness.

About Jason E and Trading Ascension

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What Inspired You To Start Trading?

My journey into trading began as a conversation with an excited friend and quickly morphed into a deep-seated passion for financial markets and a desire to achieve financial independence. However, it wasn't just about the money. Trading became a personal challenge, a way to test my resilience and discipline. My father's wisdom, "It’s okay to make mistakes, just don’t repeat them," became my guiding principle, helping me navigate the inevitable setbacks and transform them into stepping stones.

How Did You Achieve Your First Major Breakthrough In Trading?

Once I tracked the data on an actual improvement and overcame a plaguing trading behavior I knew if i continuously got better and never gave up this dream could maybe be mine, I knew i was building something great. Later, everything changed when I saw that first $150,000 of funding in my trading account. The breakthrough will continue to come for you and me. I'm committed to personal development and studied successful traders, integrating their insights with my own experiences. This approach led to the creation of the Trading Ascension Trader Success Generator System, which transformed my trading performance and helped me achieve consistent trading results.

What Is Your Vision For The Future of Trading Ascension?

My vision for Trading Ascension is to continue empowering traders to achieve their financial and personal goals. I aim to expand our community, offering more resources, support, and opportunities for growth. Whether through our meetups, mastermind groups, or podcast, I am committed to helping individuals realize their potential as skilled day traders. Together, we can navigate the challenges of trading and embrace the opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

What Were The Biggest Challenges You Faced On Your Trading Journey?

Like many traders, I faced significant emotional and psychological hurdles. The initial excitement quickly turned into frustration as I encountered repeated failures. I struggled with mindset traps, the impulse to chase quick profits, and maintaining focus amidst market chaos, greed as I begin to improve rapidly with this system and that's not the half of it. These challenges were not just about trading; they were reflections of broader life struggles. Overcoming them required, better yet requires unwavering persistence, continuous learning, and a commitment to personal development.

What Qualifies You To Educate and Coach Day Trades?

As a trading educator, my qualifications stem from a strong foundation of expertise in speaking to and providing guidance for intangible and spiritual topics with action steps, extensive research, proven results, and a commitment to being a role model for aspiring traders. Expert Foundation My pursuit of knowledge and mastery in trading is relentless. I've dedicated countless hours to studying market dynamics, strategies, risk management, and the psychology of successful traders. This unwavering commitment has allowed me to build a solid expert foundation through years of experience, continuous learning, and a deep understanding of the financial markets. Extensive Research Education is core to what I do, and I believe in research to uncover effective methodologies. I've invested significant time and resources into researching various trading approaches, analyzing market data, and studying successful traders' strategies across asset classes. This extensive research has enabled me to curate a comprehensive curriculum combining time-tested principles with cutting-edge insights. Proven Results True expertise is validated by tangible results. Throughout my trading career, I've consistently applied the strategies and principles I teach, achieving measurable success in the markets. My track record of profitable trades and risk-managed portfolio growth serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the methodologies I share with my students. I lead by example, and my proven results demonstrate the practical application of the concepts I teach. Role Model for Aspiring Traders I strive to be a role model for aspiring traders. I understand the challenges they face, and I aim to inspire and motivate them to overcome obstacles. Through my own journey, I've cultivated a mindset of resilience, discipline, and continuous improvement – qualities essential for long-term trading success. By embodying these values and sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire my students to develop the mental fortitude and perseverance required to navigate the ever-changing financial markets. With my expert foundation, extensive research, proven results, and commitment to being a role model, I am confident in my ability to provide aspiring traders with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for a successful trading journey. My goal is to empower my students with the tools and insights they need to achieve their trading goals while fostering a community of lifelong learners and dedicated professionals.

What is the Trading Ascension Trader Success Generator System?

The Trading Ascension Trader Success Generator System is a comprehensive method designed to empower ordinary individuals to become adept day traders. It combines a meticulously crafted approach to honing one's trading plan, growth-driven data analysis, and transformative mindset training for behavioral change. This system is the culmination of my personal journey and the lessons I've learned from both my successes and failures. It provides a structured path for traders to achieve consistent profits with personal growth.


Trading Ascension isn’t just a business – it’s the culmination of a deeply personal and sometimes painful journey. Like many of my listeners, I once stood at the crossroads of ambition and frustration, passionate about day trading yet grappling with three formidable hurdles that caused most traders to call it quits. What my dad said rescued me from the jaws of defeat and it will help you too. I was so excited when I started, then instantly I failed miserably over and over. I know the feeling of running into walls that won’t move, of seeing potential profits evaporate, and of navigating the complex labyrinth of emotions that the market evokes. It wasn’t just about charts and strategies; it was a battle of mindset, discipline, and finding a way to reclaim control of my trading journey which really was a micro reflection of my life. 

Everything Changed when I saw that first $150,000 in my trading account! My life has been marked by failures; there were times I felt destined to grapple with constant struggles. Amidst this, a childhood memory of my father’s wisdom became my guiding light. He shared, “It’s okay to make mistakes, just don’t repeat them.” This philosophy resurfaced when life’s challenges loomed large, reshaping my mindset and transforming setbacks into stepping stones. With my Trading Success Generator System, I empower ordinary individuals to become adept day traders. My conviction stems from my own journey, evident when I accomplished my first trading evaluation — joining the 7% of traders who achieved this milestone. I’ve received well over a half of a million in funding at this point. I’m still a small fish but I reached my personal goals and so can you. Recognizing the potential to guide others along a documented path of personal and spiritual growth within day trading, I’m committed to making a difference. Together with my Trading Success Generator System, community and podcast, I help individuals realize their potential as skilled day traders. Your success is attainable, and I am here to assist. Whether you join our Meetups, engage in our Mastermind groups, or listen to the podcast, you’ll find a man who’s been humbled by life, who refused to succumb to adversity, and who strives to help us all fulfill our purpose. This structure provides a clear, concise, and compelling narrative that builds like, trust, and authority with your visitors.


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